About Us

The natural beauty and delicious wines of Mendocino County make it an inspired place to visit in any season.

In winter we have chilly, meditative rains, best enjoyed by the fireside with a glass of red wine. The lush green growth of spring is evident on the vines as rain and blue skies trade days. The never-ending sun of summer turns the palette to wheat and olive as the fields dry and the oaks soak up the light. In its waning days, the sun brightens the ever-shorter days of autumn, shifting the vines to glorious rusts and golds, providing a painter’s backdrop for harvest and crush.

Whatever the season, we know you’ll love it here as much as we do.

Driving Directions

The Highlands, which abuts Anderson Valley, stretches along Hwy 128, located between inland Hwy 101 and Route 1 on the coast.

The small village of Yorkville is exactly 100 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. From San Francisco, drive north past Santa Rosa and then Healdsburg on Hwy 101 to Cloverdale. Take Cloverdale’s 3rd of three exits following signs WEST HWY 128 – Boonville, Mendocino, Ft. Bragg.

After you follow Highway 128 about 4½ miles you’ll see our Welcome sign. Along the next 16 miles as you travel Highway 128 you will be in the middle of the Yorkville Highlands appellation. From Boonville, the nearest town, it is only 30 miles to the coast.


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